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The Company began with the vision of our Design Chief, Barry LeRay. Understanding the inspiration of where a company came from always gives insight to where it is going.

As the Cape Fear River area grew in population; a byproduct was inevitable. Busy water. After almost being swamped in his Jon boat by passing craft, Barry, a serious fisherman was aggravated. When he could not find a suitable boat with good efficiency; Barry then turned his considerable skills to the task of building a stable platform. Growing up in Carolina Beach had exposed him to many designs and there was but one choice – a catamaran.

So he built the first Cape Fear Cat – a 19′ long 9′ beam all aluminum alloy catamaran with a 70 hp engine. Immediately, a marine construction fellow saw it and wanted to put it to work. Barry sold the boat and built another….and another….and another…… Each time when companies needing specific work boats or individuals that wanted a great stable, efficient platform – they approached Barry to either buy his most recent creation or commissioned him to build a specific version.

Over 40 hulls later, Barry has continued to refine the design for stability, efficiency and beauty. These boats have migrated to the Gulf oil rigs to the Turks to north of the Chesapeake. They have been equipped with single outboards, dual outboards, to twin turbo diesels. And these hulls ranged from 19′ to 35′.

Two decades have passed since Barry started designing and building aluminum alloy welded catamarans. Barry designed these aluminum alloy catamarans for looks, efficiency, ride, draft and fun. It didn’t hurt that his considerable reputation for “Tuna Tower” Design and Fabrication makes for a mean T-Top. Cutting his teeth on work boats; durability and efficiency were the principal goals.

Turns out the beauty is a byproduct of the planing hull design that allowed us to transition into the recreational market. And we brought along the superb handling, toughness, dryness, and efficiency features with it. The constant comment was “Wow, that doesn’t look like a workboat!”

You can see our Cats taking complex electronic soundings of geographical submarine terrain, painting the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, tending big ships in harbors, and having fun with their families and friends from the Gulf to the Mid Atlantic. These boats take a beating and have to work every day.

One of our Cats is used by GeoDynamics, LLC to house sophisticated mapping electronics to map bottom terrain. Their decision to use a custom designed Cape Fear Cat came when we demonstrated the maneuverability and stability in rough sea conditions. A feature necessary for their safety and for equipment protection.

Our commitment is to bring the recreational market the same durability as our heritage has demonstrated. Take a ride in our any one of our boats and decide for yourself.

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